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Development prospect of bubble cover packaging machine

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Development prospect of bubble cover packaging machine

Although, in recent years, the development and research of domestic high-speed aluminum bubble cover packaging machine is very fast, and the quality and performance of similar products of some manufacturers are basically equivalent to foreign products, but foreign products are also developing rapidly. The following development directions can also be used for reference by similar domestic manufacturers.

(1) Material selection and structure (pay special attention to details) must meet the requirements of GMP, the equipment should not produce pollution, nor will it cause cross-pollution to the surrounding environment.

(2) The structure should be simple and clear, avoid tedious structure as far as possible, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to clean, clean, disinfection (or sterilization).

(3) The control system has the functions of process state, working performance curve, fault alarm, online control, remote monitoring and maintenance inspection, and equipment failure alarm record and statistics.

(4) Equipment manufacturers should consider that the equipment meets the requirements of GMP verification, consider the main indicators of verification, and provide the necessary main verification data.


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