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Die design of tablet press

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Die design of tablet press

Design of pressing die for tablet. The design of pressing die should not only properly coordinate the selection of association, such as the punching body of the upper and lower punching rod and the punching rod hole, the outer diameter of the middle die and the middle die hole, the lower punching rod and the filling protection guide rail, the punch and the inner hole of the middle die, but also make the forming tablet safely exported. In addition, special attention should be paid to the shape design of the die. For the manufacturers of tablets, the focus is mostly on the degree of convenience for patients to chew or swallow the tablets, improving the therapeutic effect and the appearance of the tablets. As a tablet die manufacturer, it is an important part of our work to design a die that meets the needs of customers.

In order to ensure its service life, die design usually follows three design principles: beautiful shape, smooth release and high bearing capacity. Successful design is to carefully run through the three principles in the whole design process, specific implementation of the local or structural fine requirements, such as the blade thickness of the special-shaped die, irregular structure of the transition arc, arc, chamfer and blunt, and different parts of the structure using different manufacturing processes. In this way, the manufacturing cost of the die will certainly increase slightly, but the quality will be guaranteed. It can be responsibly said that die design will directly determine the user's production costs.


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