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Diversity of tablet forms

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Diversity of tablet forms

For tablet manufacturers, the product is no longer a single round tablet, but has a variety of diversified requirements:

1. From the shape to divided into a ring, square, trapezoid, oval, triangle, spherical, petal shape, deep concave, shallow concave and a series of various requirements. In order to realize these tablet products Its die need customized according to user's tablet products, most of the non-standard punching die, habits will suppress square, trapezoid, triangle, petals noncircular tablet punching die is called alien dies This kind of punch punch needs to be configured on the directional keys turret punch holes need machining keyway and punch to cooperate to complete the tablet for suppression.

2. From the color divided into monochrome film, two-color film, etc. Monochrome sheet is pressed with one kind of material Two-color sheet needs two kinds of materials (that is, two kinds of materials pressed into a tablet but with distinct layers and colors) and to achieve the pressing of two-color sheet, it is necessary to transform the down punching guide system of the tablet press to achieve two filling and a piece. Among them, if a special tablet device is added, the content of one of the materials can be measured to control the ratio of the two materials.

3. From the word or no word to divide, with Chinese characters, with letters, with graphics and so on. The realization of the tablet suppression is to customize the punching die according to the sample of the user's tablet products, and the corresponding Chinese characters or graphics are processed on the punching die to achieve the suppression of the tablet.

4. From the shape size, there are standard shapes and sizes, and super-large specifications. For the very large size tablet products, we should not only customize the large size die, but also reform the structure of the tablet press, including the filling regulation system, the pressure regulation system, the guide rail system and the turntable.


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