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Do you understand the development direction of blister packaging?

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Do you understand the development direction of blister packaging?

Blister packaging machine for drugs is also known as PTP packaging technology, blister packaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years as a form of drug packaging.

PTP technology is used to heat and soften the plastic film and place it in the mold, or to form the bubble shell by blowing compressed air through vacuum pump. Then, it is coated with plastic aluminum foil for medicinal use at a certain temperature to ensure that the bubble wrap package is formed under the sealing condition. At present, blister packaging has become the mainstream packaging for capsules, tablets and other solid dosage forms, and the development momentum will continue.

Blister packaging in China the status of the drug and the deepening of China's reform and opening up and reform of medical system, especially after China's accession to the WTO, the international pharmaceutical companies to enter China, competition in the pharmaceutical industry in China, but also increased the technical level and quality of the whole industry, leading to the development of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging in China manufacturing has become the field of high technology content, including solid dosage form drugs also continue to launch new packaging. At present, the world's top 100 pharmaceutical companies set up joint ventures or wholly owned pharmaceutical companies in China, which not only bring more medicines, but also advanced pharmaceutical packaging concepts and standards, and the form of medicines brings diversification of packaging.

The formation of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging in recent years rapid development, simple structure, rapid fusion equipment, increasing the demand and the emergence of a variety of options, including to meet the REQUIREMENTS of FDA elements based on intelligent robot aluminum packaging system; As well as many small and hard-to-package products provide an effective solution. Pharmaceutical blister packaging materials in China in the past mainly rely on import, at present, with the aluminum foil blister packaging blow molding material, and meet the demand of the domestic pharmaceutical packaging, make the development of the matrix vesicles formed series, from polyvinylidene chloride coating using the hard PVC material, lu: su composite sheet molding compound materials, and so on, also inhibits PTP from aluminum foil or double-sided single-sided printing blank, the development of the single or double gold series, single or double color series, double-sided printing monochrome or polychromatic overprint dozens of series of varieties, and inhibits PTP aluminum foil, soft inhibits PTP aluminum foil, so blister drugs may cover more packaging. However, there is a big gap between the level of blister packaging in China and that in developed countries. Generally speaking, the gap can be attributed to the following reasons:

The overall level of China's pharmaceutical industry is relatively low, and the outdated technology of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers has limited the development of products and their packaging. Big single dose of medicine to make him blister packaging unit costs are still significantly higher than those who bottle packaging, blow molding packaging discourages pharmaceutical packaging in China to promote the application (although drug controlled release drug slow-release technology application in our country, greatly reducing the dose of the drug, but it is not a radical improvement pharmaceutical packaging blow molding packaging cost disadvantage. The shortcomings of the DRUG distribution system (DDS) during the long period of drug sales in major hospitals, both without prescription and over the counter, with drug sales in pharmacies accounting for only a small proportion of the total, have also limited the development of blow-out packaging for the sale of drugs. China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment and automation can not catch up with the world's advanced level in the development of blister packaging, blister packaging makes drugs obviously lag behind the pace of the country; Therefore, the package still needs to learn the level of developed countries, and remember the drug bubble wrap packaging with world trends.


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