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Do you understand the new functions of the tablet press?

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Do you understand the new functions of the tablet press?

Foreign tablet presses the speed, the yield is high. High speed and high yield have been the goals of tablet forming for many years. The main plate-forming machinery already has machines that produce one million pieces per hour. If the domestic production of the tablet press, if the production speed of China's tablet press is faster than that of foreign countries, the need for large-scale tablet press innovative design and development, information processing, automatic control and other processes.

Sealing of stamping process and isolation of personnel flow and logistics. The input and output of foreign presser are well sealed to minimize cross contamination. Particles enter the hopper through a closed drum and a closed transport system. Effective measures should be taken to prevent dust spatter and particle stratification during the pressing process. Most of the domestic pressing process is open or not completely closed, the pressing process causes the powder to fly back and forth between the pressing machine.

Site cleaning. Field cleaning and pressing machine greatly reduces the cost of user equipment. Improve the cleaning function of the tablet press, in the design, in addition to consider the cleaning of each component, the cleaning function of the tablet press is to emphasize disassembly, only through simple and fast disassembly can ensure the cleanliness of the machine.

Application of electronic record and electronic signature in tablet press. Relevant regulations have come into force with regard to electronic signatures and electronic records, which are mandatory and aimed at promoting the use of electronic technology in medical and food processing. It can provide applicable and practical guidance on how to perform tasks previously performed on paper in electronic form.

An electronic record is any combination of text, graphics, data, audio, graphical representation or other information in digital format that is created, modified, maintained, archived, invoked or distributed by a computer system. An electronic signature is any symbol or set of symbols executed, adopted or authorized by an individual and compiled from computer data. Its legal value is equivalent to the legal value of a handwritten signature.


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