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Do you understand the use process of the capsule filling machine?

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Do you understand the use process of the capsule filling machine?

In the filling process of hard capsules, the vacuum separator of the vacuum system mainly sucks the capsules into the upper and lower modules and separates the cap body. The vacuum separator moves up and down once at each position of the machine's rotating disc, and the machine axis rotates once. If it is difficult to separate the capsule body from the capsule cap, the distance between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module should be checked. Too large a distance will cause the vacuum of the vacuum system to be lower than the vacuum required for buffering and body separation, about 0.05mpa. Need to adjust the position of the vacuum separator, main motor shaft rotation, the handle rotation of the main motor shaft test until appropriate, with the machine adjusting rod on both ends of the lock nut, left nut and right nut, the rod adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then lock the nut, handle the test of the main motor shaft rotation to the correct time. The vacuum reading is shown in the vacuum gauge on the machine operation panel. If the vacuum is too high, you can normally open the vacuum control valve, if the vacuum is too low, you can turn down or close the valve. The filter of the vacuum system should be turned on periodically to remove clogged dirt to ensure that there is enough vacuum in the vacuum system.

Clutch is the safety protection of traditional overload. When the clutch does not slip and the load is normal, but sliding may occur due to long-term use. When the clutch is in normal use, the nut round head may be tightened to ensure the normal operation of the machine and achieve the purpose of protection.

Check the conveying current once a week and add proper amount of grease. Tighten again if necessary. When the current is too high, it is necessary to switch the voltage of the regulating device of the runner, but it cannot pull the chain or make the chain leave the sprocket, so as not to affect the order of the whole moving mechanism, so as to prevent the interference of the moving mechanism.

If the machine works for a long period of time, the place in direct contact with the drug should be cleaned regularly, and if the drug batch is changed or stopped for a long time, it should also be cleaned.


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