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Drug blister packaging trends

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Drug blister packaging trends

1) Completely effective protection of drugs. As with any form of packaging, the protection and effectiveness of drugs are still the basic requirements of blister packaging.

2) Safety and convenience of medication. Develop safe packaging for children and convenient packaging for the elderly.

3) Unique anti-counterfeiting packaging. Using the new technology to realize the diversified anti-counterfeiting of bubble cover packaging materials, can not only reflect the individuation of drug packaging, but also protect the products and brands of enterprises.

4) "green" environmental protection packaging. Vigorously develop and popularize new environment-friendly blister packaging materials that can be recycled, degradable and return to nature, and do not pollute the atmosphere by burning, so as to fundamentally solve the "white pollution" in drug packaging.

5) Serialized packaging. With the implementation of OTC in China's pharmaceutical industry, more and more attention has been paid to series packaging. Bubble packaging can achieve series packaging through the change of plate size and related elements of aluminum foil screen, which will show its full potential in the future development of drug packaging.

6) Developing nano bubble cover packaging. The application and development of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the field of medicine will provide a golden opportunity for the development of drug bubble pack packaging in China.

7) To achieve high barrier packaging. Rapid development of blister packaging materials with good barrier, in order to achieve high barrier packaging of drugs, to ensure the effectiveness of drugs.

8) Adapt to OTC drug packaging. The use of blister packages to clearly, clearly, effectively display drug products and make them easily available to patients for use will be the future OTC. Drug production and distribution process can not be ignored.


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