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Dust-collecting device of double layer tablet press

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Dust-collecting device of double layer tablet press

The dust suction device of common monochrome tablet press generally adopts single or double layer powder suction nozzle, and the dust generated during the pressing is inhaled by the dust suction machine. Suppression of double-layer tablets either feeder feeding way, by scraping powder plate out of the overflow particle can guarantee the uniformity of filling, but the tiny dust will also exist in turntable model plane, especially in the mold on the plane and die in the turntable on plane between 0. 01, 0. 05 mm clearance of fine dust, equipment running can cause mixed color phenomenon for a long time, only the first layer material after preloading, two layers of material master pressure molding position behind the increase in special vacuum cleaner, the fine dust in the plane of the die in turntable by suction machine suction, to ensure long-term continuous operation.

In order to improve the recovery rate of double piece of material, double-layer tablet press must configure two suction machine, a suction machine connected to a layer of material on the turntable dust collection groove and down mouth powder dust, the other a positon in the plane of the connection on the second layer material turntable dust collection groove, so as to improve the utilization rate of material and prevent cross contamination.


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