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Factors influencing the accuracy of capsule filling machine

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Factors influencing the accuracy of capsule filling machine

The operator did not add powder as required in the manual before starting. Before operation, the powder is respectively loaded into the hopper and sent to the measuring room through the feeder. The measuring chamber should contain more than half of the powder before filling.

The operator did not replenish the materials in time during the operation, which directly affected the filling state of the drugs in the measurement model, leading to the difference in the quantity.

The fluidity and viscosity of drugs are the main factors affecting the measurement accuracy. Due to the lack of fluidity of the drug, the powder viscosity is high, the filling volume is difficult to control, and the connection between the measuring plate and the copper ring may also occur.

The drug is not uniform, the particle size difference is big, the particle is thin and thick, fluidity is poor. In order to solve the problem of drug fluidity, it is necessary to homogenize drugs when screening particles.

Strong hygroscopicity, viscosity of drugs affecting viscosity and different environmental humidity and hygroscopic properties of goods must pay attention to, especially in the rainy season, can control the water environment, such as adding hygroscopicity, to ensure reasonable absorption of humidity range, but also can adjust the formula, solution viscosity lubrication after increasing the dose.

The size of powder loading is mainly determined by the thickness of the measuring model, which is selected according to the specific gravity of the material to be loaded.

The filling holes were measured through the by-pass holes of the model. In order to avoid too big difference in the filling process loaded by pharmacists, the distance between the copper rings was adjusted empirically. The distance between the measuring model and a certain distance was 0,8 ~ 0, 12mm. At this time, the adjustment group moved up and down, and 5 adjustment groups were distributed along the circumference. The distance between the copper ring and the lower part of the measuring model disk was adjusted in turn.

According to the size of the capsule, the thickness of the measuring model, the specific gravity and viscosity of the powder, the first five groups of packing rods were inserted deep into the measuring model. By adjusting the insertion depth of the filling rod in the measurement model, the compactness of the powder tower can be changed, so as to obtain a more ideal load difference and have a smaller regulating effect on the load. The filling depth of 1-5 sets of gauges is generally :50%, 30%, 20%, 10% and 0.

Adjust the thickness of the cut-off block of the sixth set of filling rods and the depth of the insert die, so that the powder column is completely perforated in the bottom model to ensure the optimal loading difference. However, when the rotating plate of the capsule moves, make sure that the 6th filling rod sinks completely from the bottom type to avoid the 6th filling rod colliding with the bottom type.


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