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Factors influencing the quality of capsule filling

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Factors influencing the quality of capsule filling

Automatic capsule filling machine is one of the main equipment for GMP conversion in capsule preparation production unit. It is characterized by small volume, low energy consumption, quick mold change, convenient operation and easy cleaning. According to the motion state, automatic filling capsules can be divided into two main types: intermittent type and continuous type. It is also an economical and practical capsule filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

There are many factors affecting the quality of the automatic capsule filling machine, among which the powder filling agency and the capsule tower conveyor station are the important factors. The filling mechanism is mainly composed of six disks for measuring intermittent rotary motion, six disks for axial motion (axial position is adjustable) and one automatic feeding screw powder. The rotating measuring plate has six sets of cylindrical holes (measuring Chambers), the aperture corresponds to the number of capsules, and the center is arranged symmetrically. The dimension tolerance, position tolerance, precision and finish of cylindrical hole affect the loading capacity of capsule.

In addition, in the intermittent rotating panel station of the unified measure, the sixth station is the hard punching rod that presses all the powder columns in the measuring tray in the measuring warehouse into the capsule of the full digital module seat in the fifth station of the capsule revolving tower, so the installation accuracy and synchronicity of the machine will also directly affect the filling quality of the capsule.

In the position of capsule turret at each station, it often happens that the capsules do not all enter into the capsule mold base in the direction of vertical fork movement, or the capsules all enter into a mold base but the two ends of the capsule do not separate completely, which will also affect the quality of the capsule to a certain extent.

According to the fully automatic capsule filling machine professionals, these two phenomena are mainly caused by the shape, size and error of the hollow capsule defects. In GMP application, the input channels and quality of raw materials and packaging materials, namely hollow capsules, are controlled.


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