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Factors of tablet forming

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Factors of tablet forming

Tablet press is another element of sheet forming. The quality of tablets is directly affected by the performance of the specifications, the mechanical condition of the equipment in operation and some important parts of the tablet press, such as the wear of the die.

(1) from the size of the model, rotary tablet press than the impact of the tablet press pressure, and uniform, sliver phenomenon is easy to control. Because the feeding hopper is fixed, the machine vibration is small, the particle stratification phenomenon is less, the sheet weight is accurate and stable. But the rotary tablet press has a variety of single-track and dual-track models. In the production of sliver, loose sliver, sheet weight difference, to consider the double track press speed, particle compression time is shorter than the monorail type, easy to produce sliver, loose sliver phenomenon. At this time should pay attention to the appropriate increase pressure, slow down the speed. In addition, when the difference of sheet weight is found in the process of dual-track tablet press, the sheet weight regulator and pressure regulator of bilateral rails should be adjusted respectively. The consistency of the technical parameters of the track weight regulator and the pressure regulator should be taken as the criterion by the actual adjusting data of each track.

(2) When the particles that meet the quality requirements and have appropriate fluidity and compressibility are pressed, there are also lobes, loose flakes, sticky flakes, slow disintegration, flake weight differences, surface spots and other conditions. In case of differences in segment weight, the vehicle should be slowed down. The appropriate pressure should be adjusted for plates with lobes and slow disintegration due to excessive pressure. Lack of pressure caused by loose pieces, just increase the pressure can be. Due to the different height of the feeder device, the speed of adding particles is different, and the blockage of the feeder affects the weight of the piece, resulting in the difference, should be stopped for inspection, depending on the specific situation to solve. In the process of tablet pressing, when sticky punching and surface spots are found, it should be considered whether it is caused by the upward punching of the tablet pressing machine and lubricating oil dirt. Its measures for frequently wipe oil, on the additional rubber cap. For the particles with poor fluidity which can easily lead to the difference of sheet weight, 2 ~ 3 large rubber caps can be added to the upper punch to hit the hopper and help the flow. The adhesive punch caused by abnormal mechanical fever needs to be stopped and overcomed.

(3) the punching die is the most important part of the tablet press, and it is often the most prone part of the tablet press. When the punch is not consistent with the die ring, or the punch is rolled inward, the pressure is generated with the tablet, resulting in the difference of lobes, loose pieces and pieces weight, the die should be replaced in time, and the difference of loose pieces and pieces weight caused by the uneven length of the punch should be adjusted as soon as possible. When the surface of the punch is rough or the characters on the punch are too deep to stick to the crux of the chip, in addition to the oil yarn wipe, can also be coated with trace liquid paraffin treatment.

In addition, due to wet weather, the temperature in the workshop is too high, and the water on the surface of the punch is attached, which will also cause adhesion. In this case, the punch and die ring should be wiped clean, and then the boot operation is preheated.


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