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Features of aluminum plastic aluminum blister packaging machine

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Features of aluminum plastic aluminum blister packaging machine

This model is a new technology product with packaging, testing, and scrapping functions specially developed for pharmaceutical, health care and food companies. The machine adopts PLC computer control, man-machine interface operation, and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation function. It has the characteristics of high automation, advanced technology, complete functions, and durability. This model is suitable for blister packaging of aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum, and aluminum-plastic-aluminum, and meets national GMP requirements.
The machine features are as follows:
1. The stroke can be adjusted, the chess set positioning slot is positioned, the mold is easy to replace, the contact type feeding, the positive pressure blow molding.
2. Automatic blanking, molds and automatic feeders can be designed according to customers' different materials.
3. You can choose devices such as tangent and indentation, batch number printing, waste recycling, and cursor registration.
4. The cylinder is heat-sealed with positive pressure, and the heat-sealing mold is automatically separated when the machine stops, which will not burn the packaging materials and extend the life of the machine.


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