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Features of stretch film packing machine

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Features of stretch film packing machine

Stretch film vacuum packing machine has the following characteristics:

1. Wide applicability. Can pack solid, liquid, fragile and hard and soft materials, pallet packaging, blister packaging, packaging, soft film vacuum, hard film inflatable packaging.

2. High efficiency, saving labor cost, low packaging cost. All packaging except the filling area (some irregular goods) are completed by the machine. Loading can be done manually or mechanically. Some models can pack at a rate of more than 12 cycles per minute.

3. Compliance with hygiene. When mechanical loading is selected, one person is required to operate the equipment control panel (start up or set the program) in the whole packaging process, and no other manual operation is required. From bag/box production to packaging in one go, reduce transitional pollution. If choose the packing material that can be resistant to high temperature, high temperature sterilization still can be processed after packing, extend the guarantee period of perishable goods next.

Successive stretch film vacuum packing machine is mainly composed of the following some: film transporting system, led some lower die, basement membrane preheating zone, hot forming area x, loading area, heat sealing area, printing system, cutting area and edge material reclaim system, control system, etc., the whole machine use modular structure design, can according to user needs all kinds of equipment, increase or decrease then increase or decrease and the change of various functions.


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