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Feeding application of capsule filling machine

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Feeding application of capsule filling machine

Automatic vacuum feeder works. When the main engine works, the machine room mainly produces high-speed air flow pressure. The rotating drum material is sucked into the main engine room through the conveying pipe, and then the inhaled material enters into the hopper of the spiral capsule filling machine with its own weight. The way that the vacuum and air source enter the material is filter cleaning at the entrance of the filter screen. During the loading process, the filter screen connected with the micro powder will automatically pass through the mechanical vibration vacuum to avoid blocking the road.

Automatic control process: One sensor position, depending on the size and speed of the production hopper, is installed in the middle and bottom of the capsule filling hopper, and another higher sensor is installed in the bottom of the vacuum filling machine. When the hopper of the capsule filling machine reduces materials, the main machine work of automatic vacuum of material flow provided by the sensor signal controller, the working chamber of the main machine of the suction material time automatic control system, the working chamber of the material in the main machine, open the pressure valve, and complete the automatic feeding of the flow capsule filling machine. In this way, the automatic vacuum charging machine completes the whole feeding process from the drum to the hopper, one cycle back and forth.

Capsule filling materials are mainly in powder or granular materials. Although a variety of capsule filling materials are optional and there are many methods, with the development of modern pharmaceutical industry and the traditional manual labor-intensive ladder cutting, the serious defect of dust pollution will be eliminated. However, other loading methods are usually positive pressure loading, automatic vacuum loading, roller loading and so on. These different methods can basically achieve the purpose of reducing working intensity, reducing dust pollution and protecting drugs.


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