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Fixing device of blister packing machine

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Fixing device of blister packing machine

Blister packaging machine is a machine, apply to food, tablets, capsules, suppositories, solid preparation as drugs, non sticky food, and some electronic products, the mechanization of heat sealing packaging, through mobile phones and aluminum foil, PVC board and inflationary pressures in the aluminum foil after heating platen, heat sealing effect on PVC board and aluminum material, in the process of work, heat sealing on the lower mobile with the vibration of the machine, the traditional lock device is not fixed heat sealing plate fixture, Cause heat sealing upper deviation and dislocation, cannot ensure consistency station standing position leading to print the batch number position errors or missing, affect the seal packing materials, it has caused serious production problems, therefore developed the lock with a fixed device, able to quickly assemble and fixed fixtures, ensure the consistency between the qualified production, solve the problems in production.

The problem of the bLISTER sealing device. The locking device of the heat sealing plate of the blister heat sealing packaging machine is simple in structure, which can quickly limit and repair the heat sealing of the fixed block plate, avoid displacement in the working process, and ensure the integrity and packaging speed are consistent. The technology has the following solutions: a heat sealing blister packaging machine upper lock, used for fixing device of the blister packaging machine fixed, prevent heat sealing packing machine upper dislocation movement, fixtures including baffle and handle, one end baffle by pin can be connected to the heat sealing around upper fixed side, handle free turning in the other end of the mentioned damper, lock device including the lock body, screw and handle, lock body with two end connection bulge in the opposite direction: A connecting end and a second connecting end are fixed on the side of the fixed seat of the heat-sealed upper plate by screws, and one end of the upper shaft shoulder of the screw is arranged inside the second connecting end and the threaded end is extended outward.

Blister packaging machine zipper sealing equipment for heat sealing plate heat sealing packaging, fixtures, including baffle and hands, and describes the rotary buffer end pin connection coating material fixed device description next to handle, on the other side of the handle the other end of the shell free rotation are described, including the lock body, screw and handle, describe the closed body has two opposite, choose a client connection: describes a connection end and the second connection end, end connection contact fixed by internal screw of the machine, screw shaft shoulder end in the second end connection on the internal and the threaded end, protruding from the second through the gasket seal fixed connection end, A cavity is formed inside the screw and the second connecting end. A spring is arranged on the screw for the screw to move in an elastic axial direction inside the cavity. A handle is connected to a threaded end of the screw and touches the gasket.


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