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Flat plate blister packaging machine

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Flat plate blister packaging machine

Plate type blister packaging machine process flow and work plan: the formation of a plastic board preheater heating softening to plastic shapes, the steps of the servo traction device sent to the plate forming station, use compressed air to soften plastic blow molding or pressure blowing into the blister, filling packing blister of filling material feeder, then go to plane sealing device, and appropriate temperature, the pressure will be sent to board plastic and aluminum foil sealing, sent to the typing, stamping and punching device, with batch number, the broken line pressure, cutting into a regulation the size of the plate. The hard sheet of molding plastic is rolled, preheated, blown, packaged, sealed, coated aluminum foil, batch number, wire breaking pressure, step by step, pressure cutting, waste collection and so on.

In recent years, some drugs have been needed in light-proof packaging, and a new packaging substrate, aluminum foil, has emerged that does not require preheating and compressed air, but requires mechanical stretching. Features: The structure of the unit is flat and the method of use is the geometric pattern of the blister mold formed by blow molding (positive pressure) and blow molding (or through compressed air) in a warm and softened form. The formation and use of objects of good quality, high dimensional accuracy, reproducibility of a small part, gloss, transparency, bubble cover beautiful broad, size, uniform thickness, the formation of bubble shell, can be stretched, the formation of a large depth of more than 40 mm, the formation of bubble shell, complex shape, forming more than 4 mpa pressure. The sealed structure is flat. The foil to be sealed is fed into a flat seal plate, pressurized, and leaves quickly after a period of time. It is a kind of intermittent sealing device, each end contact, the total pressure needed to seal is larger, high precision sealing mechanism. Due to the use of forming and sealing plate, so that the height of the plate to adapt to the size of the plate, flexible layout, plate flat punching and cutting, no deformation. However, due to the long sealing time, the machine speed is slow, and The Times of impact cutting are generally less than 35 times/min. This type of machine has a large filling space, can be equipped with more than one filling machine at the same time, making it easier to achieve the packaging of certain drugs, the scope of items and increase the level of packaging.


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