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Foreground of blister packaging

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Foreground of blister packaging

In the process of blister packaging, packaging materials, production equipment and other aspects still need to further accelerate the development of drug blister packaging, and further strengthen the quality and service quality of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging, as in other countries in the world.

1) Adequately and effectively protect the drug. As with any form of protective drug packaging, ensuring the effectiveness of the drug remains a basic requirement of blister packaging.

2) Safe and convenient to use. Develop safe packaging suitable for children and packaging suitable for the elderly to facilitate children and the elderly.

3) Unique anti-counterfeiting packaging. The safety of diversified blister packaging materials achieved by new technology not only reflects the personality of drug packaging, but also protects enterprises and brand products.

4) Green packaging. Blister packaging vigorously developed and promoted, biodegradable, not polluting the atmosphere, such as the combustion of new environmental blister packaging, medical packaging solutions to the basic aspects of white pollution.

5) Wrapping serialization. With the introduction of the OTC pharmaceutical industry, there is an increasing focus on serialized packaging, balled packaging, aluminum foil, and elements of varying material size to achieve a range of packaging that will lead to the development of better packaged medicines in the future.

6) The development of packaging. Nanotechnology and nanomaterials applications in medicine and the development of Chinese pharmaceutical bubble packaging will provide an excellent opportunity.

7) Achieve high fence packaging. The rapid development of blow molding packaging materials, pharmaceutical products to achieve high fence packaging to ensure nutritional effectiveness.

8) Meet the otc package. Blow molding packaging and clearly defined effective display of drugs will be an important part of the future production and distribution of drugs that cannot be ignored. Pharmaceutical blister packaging has very obvious advantages, such as the stability and reliability of the drug, the more difficult to measure, implement serialization packaging, advanced technology, safety, hygiene, portable and easy to use, long shelf life, a good adaptability and appearance and so on, so in the next few years, drug packaging materials and packaging equipment constantly updated continuously improve performance, China pharmaceutical blister packaging design will bring the user friendly, multi-function direction, in western medicine tablets, capsules, oral medicine pill, powder, granule, packing and so on will become mainstream, in pharmaceutical packaging will account for a growing share.


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