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Function introduction of stretch film vacuum packing machine

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Function introduction of stretch film vacuum packing machine

Automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is a kind of vacuum packing machine, the use of fields and products are more, such as a variety of food, meat products, seafood, medicine, hardware components, medical equipment, etc., can be pumped out, inflatable, fitting packaging. It is the most efficient machine and equipment in the vacuum packing machine. Here is a brief introduction to the main functions of the automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine

(1) photoelectric tracking, customers can choose color film or light film for product packaging, product grade is not only improved, the cost is also quite low, is a good choice for many enterprises;

(2) Adopt the combined mold, easy to change, one machine can be multi-purpose, at the same time with cooling system;

(3) The form of packaging is not fixed. It can be packaged according to the requirements of customers. Is after the vacuum is pumped, according to customer requirements can be filled with nitrogen or carbon dioxide and other protective gases;

(4) if the customer also requires other requirements, can also be equipped with automatic coding system and other functions;

(5) the choice of vacuum pump is very important, there are generally domestic and imported two kinds, but the vacuum is high, the quality is stable, durable and reliable;

(6) the chain used is a special clamping type, used in various thickness of the film, can be stretched to form, to carry out special packaging of products;

(7) Adopt advanced crosscutting and longitudinal cutting system, easy to replace and operate;

(8) A waste collection system at the edges and corners is provided to maintain environmental hygiene.

(9) Customers can choose square box, round box or other shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to the customer's products vacuum packaging machine mold.


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