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General failure of manual capsule filling machine

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General failure of manual capsule filling machine

The general faults of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine are the lack of capsules, the low rate of finished products in the mold hole of capsules, the flying cap during the separation of capsules, the failure of normal separation of capsules, the occurrence of skin brushing, concave opening and the failure of locking in place.

Reasons for capsule failure: Defective capsules block the inlet of the capsule feeding plate, the capsule switch is too large or too small, and the capsule is damaged or in an uneven position.

Method of elimination: remove the capsule with capsule needle, clean it out of capsule tank, adjust the position of capsule feeding switch, change the capsule tablet, or correct the Angle evenly.

The reason of low yield of the capsule into the mold hole is that the horizontal fork is too far ahead or the empress dowager adjusts the position of the horizontal fork.

Elimination method: Adjust the horizontal fork position.

Reason of flying cap during capsule separation: too much vacuum.

Elimination method: adjust the vacuum valve to reduce the vacuum degree appropriately.

The reasons for the capsule's failure in normal separation are as follows: the vacuum is too small, the mold hole scales, the mold hole has wrong coaxiality, the capsule fragments block the blowhole of the suction head, the mold plate is damaged, and the vacuum tube is blocked.

Elimination method: adjust the vacuum valve to increase the vacuum degree appropriately, clean the mold plate, replace the new mold plate, clean the capsule fragments with a small hook needle, replace the mold plate, dredge the vacuum tube.

Causes of skin scraping and notch in capsule locking: incorrect coaxiality of mold hole, bending of lock thimble, scaling of end face of thimble, damage or wear of mold hole.

Methods of elimination: replace the new die plate, adjust or replace the thimble, clean the end face of the thimble, and replace the module.

Reasons for not locking in place: excessive filling, air source processor must oil or water.

Elimination method: please adjust the process, clean the air source processor.


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