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General requirements for powder direct tablet press device

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General requirements for powder direct tablet press device

According to the problems that are easy to occur in powder direct tablet pressing, the tablet pressing machine not only has the performance of ordinary tablet pressing machine, but also should pay attention to the configuration of the following devices.

1. Oscillating device or feeding powder making device. The fluidity of fine powder is always not as good as that of particles, and it is easy to appear cavities in the feeder or flow fast or slow, resulting in a large difference in sheet weight. The device can make the powder flow evenly into the die hole.

2. Prepressure device. Because there is more air in the powder than in the particle, top crack is easy to occur when pressing the tablet. The solution is to reduce the speed of pressing straight sheet, the second is the second compression, that is, the first time for the initial compression, the second time for the final compression sheet. Prolonging the pressing time can not only overcome the difficulty of poor compressibility, but also help to discharge the air in the powder, increase the hardness of the tablet, and reduce the degree of fragmentation.

3, better sealing and dust removal device. Because the powder has flying nature, when the powder is pressed directly, it will produce more dust, sometimes the phenomenon of powder leakage, so the tablet press should have an automatic sealing feeding device, a better dust removal device and a tight connection between the powder scraper and the turntable.


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