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Heating mode of blister packing machine

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Heating mode of blister packing machine

Film conveyor blister packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine, each packaging process is carried out in different stations. The packaging machine is provided with a number of film conveying mechanisms, whose function is to transport the film and make it pass through the above stations to complete the blister packaging process. The conveying mechanism adopted by domestic various types of bubble wrap packaging machines includes groove wheel mechanism, CAM rocker mechanism, CAM indexing mechanism, ratchet wheel mechanism, etc., which can be selected according to the accuracy of conveying position, acceleration curve and the adaptability of packaging materials.

The temperature at which the forming film is heated to the point at which it can be thermally formed. This temperature is determined by the selected packaging material. For hard PVC, the temperature range for easy molding is 110-150 ℃, within this range PVC film has sufficient thermal strength and elongation. The temperature has an effect on the thermal forming effect and the ductility of the packaging material, so the temperature control is required to be quite accurate. However, it should be noted that the temperature referred to here is the actual temperature of PVC film, which is directly measured on the surface of the film with a point thermometer (the temperature of the heating element is much higher than this temperature).

The heating methods of the domestic blister packaging machine are radiation heating and conduction heating. Most thermoplastic packaging materials absorb energy emitted by infrared wavelengths. Therefore, as far as possible to use radiation heating method to heat the film. Conduction heating is called contact heating. The heating method is to clamp the film between the forming die and the heating roller, or between the upper and lower heating plates. This heating method has been successfully applied to the heating of PVC materials. The heating element uses electric energy as its heat source because its temperature is easily controlled. There are metal tube heaters, opal quartz glass tube heaters and ceramic heaters for radiant heating. The former is suitable for conduction heating, while the latter two are suitable for radiation heating.


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