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How does blister packaging machine aluminum foil fold?

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How does blister packaging machine aluminum foil fold?

Aluminum foil folding is a common problem in blister packaging machine. Due to the error of the packaging material reel, too tight or too loose brake at the rear end of the aluminum foil gas expansion shaft, the way of winding, and the difference in the degree of parallelism between the guide rods, aluminum foil sealing folding can be caused.

First of all, encountered a long line of folding is the gas expansion shaft brake too tight, a little loose to solve the problem, such as the brake pad is not tight so replace a winding way to try, this problem generally appears in the aluminum foil drum material is not much time.

Next if it is other fold first try will be close to the cutting board before heat sealing roller guide rod fixed when fold improvement, transfer of a second change the aluminum foil winding way, again observe the fold in the medial or lateral, if is the lateral will balance of heat sealing roller holder bolt lateral stepped up a little bit of a try, the inside will intensify the inner balance bolt, pay attention to not order, otherwise, both inside and outside the checker definition will be affected.

Also replace a roll of aluminum foil to try, check whether the guide bar is loose. If a guide bar in front of the heat sealing roller is fixed and cannot be rotated, it may cause scratches on the aluminum foil table. At this time, wrap two layers of aluminum foil on the surface of the guide bar that is not rotated and paste it firmly.


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