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How does pressing machine appear top car situation?

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How does pressing machine appear top car situation?

Handling after loading

If jacking occurs when the tablet press is pressed, the power should be turned off immediately to prevent engine combustion.

When the loading condition is relatively light, the upper thrust force can be passed through neutral by hand wheel, but not reversed, to avoid repeated feeding by feeder, which will cause more serious situation.

When the jacking is serious, loosen the lock nut, turn the impact lever to raise it to reduce pressure, and turn the handwheel to push the pill out. Then adjust the hardness of the tablet.

In the press process, often check the quality of the press (weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.), timely adjustment.

The mixing granulation process before pressing has great influence on the pressing process. For example, the formulation of the material (powder state, particle size, powder particle ratio, water content, etc.) directly affects the weight of the tablet. And often due to improper granulation of raw materials, can not be pressed into blocks, or even damaged machines. Therefore, the machine can not suppress semi-solid, wet or no particles of very fine powder. In the process of use, if the pressure adjustment is sufficient, still can not be pressed into a block, even if pressed into a block, but too loose, cambium, sheet, pitting, dropping powder and other phenomena. The reasons must be determined and solved from the aspects of composition. Do not damage the machine by simply adjusting it to increase the pressure. In addition, although some medicines tablets of hardness is not very big, but there is a certain degree of hardness, fracture resistance is not poor, he often from 1 to 12 meters height fell to the ground without damage, so don't single storage to meet the needs of the traffic from the hardness into consideration, in order to avoid excessive pressure of pelleting machine.


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