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How does the tablet press operate?

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How does the tablet press operate?

Operators should first read the operating rules and operating instructions of the press, familiar with the performance of the press and the use of control parts.

Stamping die should be checked strictly before normal use. Cracks, missing edges or deformation are not allowed. The installation should be properly tightened. Do not use if unqualified.

The particle size of raw materials is an important factor for the success of pressed tablets. The pressing quality must be controlled according to the process requirements, otherwise it will affect the pressing quality and the normal operation of the machine.

The speed of the tablet has an effect on the quality of the tablet and the life of the device. In general, for materials that are difficult to form, it is slower to choose tablets with large diameters and faster to choose tablets with small diameters.

When no load, the volume of packing should be increased to prevent the upper and lower punches from hitting each other and damaging the shape of the tablet.

Do not disassemble equipment parts at will; If high vibration or abnormal sound occurs during the use of the machine, it should be stopped immediately before use and the problem should be resolved.

It is recommended to clean the compressed airfield at least once per shift. Some fine powder is attached to the impact rod, the impact rod hole and the middle die hole, which will cause the impact rod buffer punch not to rotate flexibly and affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Regular inspection of easy to wear maintenance parts, such as guide rail, roller, bridge frame, mold, etc., to prevent damage to a single part of the whole machine.

Before stopping, try to reduce the speed of the pressure plate, refueling and maintain the equipment regularly according to the instructions.


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