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How to operate a high speed tablet press?

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How to operate a high speed tablet press?

1. Before use, repeatedly check whether there are edges, cracks, deformation, insufficient compaction and other conditions of the press die quality, and check whether the equipment is complete and whether the work is normal.

2. Check whether the dust in the granule raw materials is dry. The dust content in the granule should not exceed one tenth. If not meet the requirements, please do not press hard, otherwise it will affect the normal operation and service life of the machine, and cause the loss of raw materials.

3. The first command control of the pressure regulator, the powder into the bucket, turn the test by hand wheel, regulating drug packing at the same time, gradually increase the pressure gain weight into need to finished product, and then start the engine, open the clutch and the formal operation, the production process should be regularly checking the quality of the drug, if not qualified, adjustment, normal operation if qualified.

4. The choice of speed directly affects the service life of the machine, due to the characteristics of raw materials viscosity and volume size, pressure in the use of unified operation, the structure of the machine speed gear, slow speed is suitable for pressing minerals, plant grass, large tablet diameter, poor viscosity and other fast difficult to shape materials. Fast for pressing well bonded, very smooth and easily molded materials. Therefore, users must be grounded in reality.

5. The operator shall be familiar with the technical features, internal structure, operating principle and operation of the control mechanism of the machine tool. He/she shall not leave the working area during work to prevent parts from failure and damage, so as to ensure safe production.

6. In the process of use, if the noise of the machine is normal, you should always pay attention to the noise of the machine, if there is a strange scream and sound, just stop to check the elimination, should not be forced to use.


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