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How to press the tablet hardness is not enough?

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How to press the tablet hardness is not enough?

Generally, tablets produced by the tablet press will have insufficient hardness, but this does not necessarily mean that the pressure of the tablet press is not enough, and there are some other factors:

Factor 1: The amount of adhesive or lubricant is low or insufficient, resulting in uneven distribution of particles and stratification of coarse and fine particles. Even if the pressure increases, insufficient hardness of the tablet cannot be solved.

Solution: choose the right adhesive or increase the dosage, improve the granulation process, mixing particles evenly, etc.

Factor 2: Insufficient fineness of drug crushing, high fiber, elastomer or oil content, uneven mixture.

Solution: can crush the finer drugs, adhesive can be selected, increase the tablet pressure, completely mix oil absorbent, etc.

Factor 3: In the drying process, in the case of insufficient moisture, too little dry particles or too elastic, drugs containing moisture particles in the drying process will lose more crystal water, fragile, easy to crack, but the high hardness will become smaller.

Solution: Control the granulation process of the tablet press according to the variety. If the prepared particles are too dry, spray an appropriate amount of diluted ethanol, mix it and compress it.

Factor 4: The physical properties of the drug itself. It is determined by brittleness, plasticity, elasticity and hardness. For example, the elastic material becomes smaller after being squeezed, and becomes loose after decompression due to elastic expansion.

Solution: Use different drugs, different pressures, and other supporting materials during the compression process.

Factor 5: Mechanical factors. The punch length is not uniform, or the pressure regulation is not appropriate, the press speed is too fast, or the additive time of funnel particles is too long.

Solution: adjust the pressure of the press, replace the press, replace the press speed and blanking speed.


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