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How to use automatic capsule filling machine?

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How to use automatic capsule filling machine?

Before using the automatic capsule filling machine, please check whether all parts of the machine and equipment are in good condition, and disinfect and clean the instrument as required. According to the filling volume and other process requirements, select the appropriate tray, powder or particle filling system specifications.

1. The support is placed parallel to the material plate, and the filling rod is perpendicular to the support, so as to ensure that the filling rod can easily enter the filling hole of the material plate. Loosen the fixing screw and lock nut, rotate the screw to the desired height, calibration lever has scale, then tighten the screw and nut, fill seat height adjustment is finished.

2. After all the safety configurations have been configured and adjusted, the machine should be rotated 1-3 times in the absence of capsules and drugs to turn the machine to the working direction and turn it back with the hand wheel. Then, under all normal conditions, the capsule and powder (or particle) are placed in separate containers, each filled at a height of 30mm below the edge of the container.

3. Adjust the slide block of the automatic capsule filling machine to insert deep into the sheet material. The filling amount of the capsule is made by the capsule filling machine according to the size and height of the sheet material and the compaction degree of the tool bar powder. Adjust the height of the filling rods so that the lower ends of the six groups of filling rods are at the same height at the beginning. The insertion depth of the filling rod is determined by the thickness of the plate. The particle filling system, on the other hand, relies on the rotation of the adjusting shaft to make the adjusting element move left and right by changing the volume, so as to achieve the purpose of regulation. The machine will work as soon as it is turned on.

4. Protection of the filling agency: check the metering tank regularly and remove the sediment attached to the metering tank. Cover the tracks with a thin layer of fat each month. The gear and CAM should be cleaned and oiled every two weeks.

5. After the automatic capsule filling machine is used, it should be cleaned and stored after drying.


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