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Hygroscopic problem of capsule filling powder

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Hygroscopic problem of capsule filling powder

The hygroscopicity of the powder is a manifestation of the affinity between the material molecules and the water molecules, which is caused by the diffusion of the water molecules into the inner layer of the drug through the gas-liquid interface. The water content of a solid preparation is an important factor affecting its stability, because water content is the medium in which chemical reactions take place. The higher the water content, the faster the reaction. At the same time, the hygroscopic ability of the drug is also related to the relative humidity of the environment. The higher the relative humidity of the environment, the more readily the drug absorbs water. According to the types of raw materials added in the package of Chinese medicine components, it can be divided into three types: Chinese medicine extraction, complete Chinese medicine extraction and whole Chinese medicine powder. The extraction and purification methods of Chinese medicine extract have different degrees of influence. The powder is easy to absorb water, which will reduce the fluidity of the powder during the filling process, resulting in the unstable volume of the capsule. At the same time, the impact on the load will lead to the moisture content of powder does not meet the requirements.

The suitable extraction and purification methods: water extraction and precipitation, high speed centrifugation, membrane separation-ultrafiltration technology, macroporous resin adsorption and separation technology. Select the appropriate granulation method, select the appropriate drying method, select the appropriate coating process, improve the temperature and humidity of the filling room, install the dehumidifier dehumidification system or equipment, adopt the fluorescence method, hygroscopic powder, room temperature is lower than 30 degrees, the humidity of 20℃ can improve the hygroscopicity of adhesive. Anti-stick agents are usually added to the powder and silica is added to improve water absorption. The particle size distribution of the powder is not uniform, the particles are large and fine, and the particles are large in roundness, which leads to the uneven density of the powder heap loaded in the module. Solution: The standard method mazz powder is re-sifted to make the powder uniform and stable to meet the requirements of the filling process. The uniform particle size can be obtained by selecting proper granulation method and fine technological parameters. The small particle powder has a small volume density, and the filling process produces a lightweight special substance. Reduce the speed of the filling machine and prolong the filling process. Add flux to the powder.

The density of particles is very small, filling does not spread, filling is used, measuring the specification of the disk, filling the lower the position under the toolbar the lower the position, when the filling quantity is insufficient, this may be higher inflation, increase. The density of the powder reactor is increased by the wet or granular method, thus allowing load capacity.


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