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Improvement and development of capsule filling machine

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Improvement and development of capsule filling machine

As is known to all, some pharmaceutical companies in the process of producing capsules, because of the fine powder, in the machine filling production product appearance defects, it is necessary to eliminate through manual screening. The technicians of the pharmaceutical company analyzed the subject, and through continuous optimization and debugging of the capsule filling equipment, the occurrence rate of product appearance defects was reduced, and the labor cost was significantly reduced.

The industry says that the quality of filling agent is crucial to the capsule filling machine industry, and stricter supervision has also become the most concern of a pharmaceutical company. Therefore, the capsule filling machinery and equipment are needed to continuously improve the equipment and optimize the structure of equipment to help pharmaceutical companies produce.

In addition to the quality of the equipment itself, the equipment's environment, transportation process and filling station also affect filling quality. Users need to pay special attention to several sites when operating devices, including the following components.

One is capsule separation and reversal. This station is the feeding and separating mechanism for the capsule. The objective is to place the capsule into a module that separates the capsule from the cap for the next drug filling.

Common problems at this location include poor separation, flying caps, etc.

The second is filling. This site mainly controls the filling weight of the capsule contents. A common major problem is the unstable weight of the package.

There are three main reasons: first, the measuring plate and the bottom module are not aligned properly, which is part of the final weight of the capsule and is always very light. Technical personnel pointed out that the problem here is not easy to detect, the user in the production before the assembly, the equipment should be put into use here; Secondly, the space between the isolation block above the dosing tray and the dosing tray is too large. During drug administration, the drug passes through the space into the drug delivery hole, resulting in a large capsule weight. It is well known that the distance between the insulation block and the measuring disk is set as 0,05 ~ 0,1mm. If it is too small, it may cause the measuring disc to wear out and damage the equipment.


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