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Improvement of blister packaging machinery

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Improvement of blister packaging machinery

In order to meet the needs of the rapidly developing pharmaceutical industry and actively participate in the international competition, China's packaging machinery must break the small and scattered situation of the industry and move forward in the direction of high precision. The industry believes that in the future, the packaging industry will follow the trend of industrial automation in the direction of mechanical function diversification, structural design standardization, modulation, control intelligence and structure precision.

Pharmaceutical packaging is highly automated and most of the work is produced in domestic factories, especially the packaging arrangements and projects are being packaged more complex and are basically manually operated, so it is difficult to ensure uniform and stable packaging and possible packaging of products that are contaminated. Some pharmaceutical factories, even using packaging machines, are only suitable for one point of the packaging chain, for example, the front packaging is mechanical, the back packaging is manual. Therefore, improving the automation level and quality of the whole packaging chain is a very important factor for modern pharmaceutical companies to implement GMP standard. Each manipulator of a modern packaging machine must be controlled by a computer with a high degree of ability to distinguish between material and thickness.

The diversification of the mechanical function of medical products is developing towards refining and diversification, the single variety of high-volume products are less and less, and the multi-variety of low-volume products are more and more. In the general trend of environmental change, a variety of packaging machinery with a variety of changing functions, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement, to meet the needs of the market. For example, in blister packaging machines, aluminum-plastic packaging and aluminum-aluminum packaging can be made, with a simple replacement, the need to replace fewer molds. At present, the mold change time is generally 1-2 hours. Such a long time can not adapt to the requirements of small batch production of various varieties.

For traditional industrial design, the introduction of a new model requires a lot of work and heavy work, as well as new equipment to recover the high design cost, thus raising the price of the new model. The future design should adopt the design concept of standardization and modularization, and make full use of the modular design of the original model, which can be converted into a new model in a short time, so that the price of the new model can be kept in a more reasonable range.


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