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Improvement of tablet press

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Improvement of tablet press

Because the machine wheel has a milling key on the upstroke, and to press the up guide key on the upstroke rod. When used, the up-punch rod with the guide key and a pair of keyways with the direction key must be loaded into the punch hole respectively, so that the up-punch rod can only move up and down, and cannot rotate in the hole. When installing the special-shaped middle die, it only needs to move the middle die up and down to offset the hole, and insert the middle die in the same shape.

The head does not leave the middle mould during the round drilling of the downpunch rod. The tool rod drilled behind the head is inserted and assembled in the hole. The function of the borehole toolbar is specified specifically, that is, the borehole is only up and down, there is no other key borehole to install guidance, and the downhole does not need to be milling groove. In this way, the press can be pressed under a variety of profiles, up and down the impact bar engraved on both ends of letters, Numbers or symbols, the plate before and after the stamping mark will not move. Therefore, it applies to engravings on both sides.

The upper guide rail of the tablet press adopts the motion of cosine curve, and the acceleration of the slide block motion vibrates up and down in a flat way, avoiding the abnormal noise caused by the force imbalance of the punch rod in the motion, and even experiencing the impact of large impact and fracture. The main part of the rotating press wheel mechanism adopts the bearing rolling friction, which reduces the noise and wear of the parts and reduces the energy loss.

The press studio is semi-enclosed with transparent plexiglass doors on all sides. External vacuuming equipment is equipped with vacuuming mouth to prevent dust pollution from flying, keep working environment clean, reduce dust and improve tablet quality.

The machine is equipped with pressure overload signal, automatic impact emergency brake and other protective devices. It reduces mechanical shock, keeps the machine running, and prevents inertia from increasing damage.

From the overall design point of view, the structure is reasonable. All the manual adjustment wheels, buttons and dashboards are installed in important positions for easy adjustment and observation.


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