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Influencing factors of capsule filling machine

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Influencing factors of capsule filling machine

The atmospheric fragmentation problem, i.e. the negative pressure vacuum can persuade the capsule to move from the capsule's turret to the capsule's mold base, and may lack both ends of the cloud capsule. It is necessary to verify that the quantization of external vacuum is rough when verifying individual devices.

There are several reasons to have a body. The operator shall search and verify, for example, whether the rotating mechanism and conveyor tower of the capsule can flow synchronously with the copper seat sealing device under the mold seat; The reliability of each pipe joint of vacuum system; The mold and accessories are consistent with the number of capsules to ensure the normal operation of equipment and stations and increase the possibility of capsule charging.

In addition, factors affecting the quality of automatic capsule filling include the occurrence of some common faults, if not dealt with in a timely manner, will also affect the quality of equipment. According to some manufacturers, the most common failure is that the capsules do not fall smoothly on the capsule slide, each capsule has an oversized outer diameter or foreign body is blocked.

In this case, the qualified capsule should be replaced and the foreign body removed with a tool. In addition, the operator should pay attention that the discharging plate cannot enter the plate hole, the opening and closing time of the clamp spring should be appropriate, and confirm the position of the pushing claw and pressing claw.

If the vacuum tube is not well sealed or does not meet the requirements, residual capsule can be removed and foreign matter can be removed; Adjust the position of the upper rod and fix the capsule plate; Clean filter, check vacuum system, adjust gauge pressure. If the clutch is overloaded, it is most likely due to excessive friction between the measuring plate and the sealing ring due to the moisture content of the powder. Excessive friction between the filling rod and the measuring hole; The distance between the measuring plate and the sealing ring is insufficient.

Automatic filling machine is an important equipment in capsule production. Capsule products can also be affected if there are quality problems with the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe production of capsules, at this stage of the equipment, the operator and manufacturer of the equipment must deal with the factors affecting the quality of the automatic capsule filling.


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