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Ink printing of blister packaging materials

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Ink printing of blister packaging materials

When high viscosity ink needs to be diluted with a large amount of diluent, add diluent agitation, so that the diluent evenly distributed in the entire ink. Measure between 20 and 30 with a viscometer. Room temperature and humidity will affect the concentration of ink, it is recommended to use ink concentration detector to determine the amount of added solvent, and according to the temperature and humidity changes, regularly determine the concentration of ink. When using intaglio printing to print aluminum foil products, the ink concentration is too low, which will lead to the color of the printed text pattern is not bright, and there will be paste phenomenon in the printing. Ink concentration is very high, so the pattern will produce cracking phenomenon, not only waste ink, and easy to cause the printing surface irregular, not beautiful. In addition, according to the speed of aluminum foil coater and gravure roller ink hole depth, choose the most appropriate ink concentration.

Adhesives and aluminum requirements must meet the requirements due to the material in aluminum, their function is to allow thermal bonding of aluminum foil and PVC leaves, possibly in order to package the outer material so that the hard capsule medicine is sealed for preservation. In the heat sealing process used by humans, the adhesive layer is activated under the action of hot pressing, thus firmly binding in the POLYvinyl chloride resin adhesive and the hard plastic PVC required by the heat sensitive and soluble medium.

The printing temperature and drying time should be controlled in the process of printing coating, and the adhesive and protective layer should be dried in the process of coating. The drying of the coating on the aluminum foil surface requires a process and therefore requires a period of time on the drying line of the equipment. This depends on the mechanical rewinding speed of the drying coating and the temperature selected during the drying process, which must be maintained accordingly. The thickness of aluminum material is different, the physical and mechanical properties are different, and the thermal expansion elasticity and shrinkage rate of operating equipment materials are also different, therefore, it should not be stored at high temperature for a long time, otherwise, the surface of aluminum foil wrinkling, discoloration is also very sensitive. It is generally recommended that the temperature be kept within a specified range.


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