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Innovation of capsule filling machine

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Innovation of capsule filling machine

NJP series automatic capsule filling machine is an improved and innovative product of semi-automatic capsule filling machine, which is widely used in hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical research institutes, large pharmaceutical laboratories and so on.

This machine innovates the turntable mechanism, making the turntable stable. No matter how fast the filling speed is or how long the running time is, no powder can enter the turntable. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble the mold, reducing the labor intensity and improving the efficiency on the original basis. Accurate mold installation, good concentricity of upper and lower mold holes, no deviation, to achieve a good effect of capsule filling.

NJP series automatic capsule filling machine innovates the filling mechanism. The new filling mechanism has the advantages of convenient installation, disassembly and cleaning, and effectively improves the working efficiency. It is convenient to adjust the gap between measuring plate and copper gasket, reduce powder leakage and improve the loading precision. A new seat plate is adopted, and an automatic recovery mechanism is installed. The leaking powder is automatically recovered, thus reducing waste in the production and filling process.

Equipped with a mold cleaning system and air pressure upper and lower molds, automatic cleaning upper and lower molds when operating in the eighth station, such upper and lower mold hole no dust, improve the effect.

Equipped with gated safety system and mechanical fault safety system. Automatic alarm and automatic stop function.

No dust in the hopper automatic alarm stop.

Powder loading method: put the powder on the orifice plate, adjust the dosage by turning the handwheel, and control the depth of the powder rod to enter the plate for fine-tuning.


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