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Installation and use steps of industrial chiller

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Installation and use steps of industrial chiller

1. Open the package and check whether the machine is intact and the accessories are complete.

2. Connect the inlet and outlet pipes, install a drain valve or a blocking cap, open the top water cover, use pure water or tap water to inject fresh water into the storage tank, the water level is subject to the flooding return port, the cooling coil must be fully immersed in the water port, when adding water At the same time observe the water level and slowly add water, taking care not to let the water overflow. 3. After filling the water, please inject a small amount of clean water into the ring groove. The device uses a water seal to isolate dust to prevent pollution of circulating water. When using in cold northern areas, it should be filled with non-corrosive antifreeze. It is recommended to use 30 % Concentration of ethylene glycol solution.

4. Connect the power cord and press the ON/OFF key switch. (It is strictly forbidden to start without water)

5. After turning on the power switch, the circulating pump of the chiller will start to work. When the new machine is turned on for the first time, there will be more bubbles in the pipeline, which causes the E05 flow alarm to occur occasionally. After the row, it will return to normal.

6. After starting up for the first time, you must immediately check the water pipes for leaks.

7. After the power is turned on, if the water temperature is lower than the set temperature, it is normal for the fan and other devices of the machine not to work. The thermostat will automatically control the working state of the compressor, water pump, fan and other devices according to the set control parameters.

8. Since the compressor and other devices have a long start-up process, ranging from tens of seconds to several minutes according to different working conditions, so do not switch the machine frequently.

9. After the new machine is turned on, the air in the water pipe is emptied, the water level of the water tank will drop slightly, you can add water again, observe and write down the current water level, wait for the chiller to run for a period of time and observe the water level gauge again, if the water level drops Obviously, it is necessary to check the leakage of the water pipe again. 

10. Adjust the temperature controller parameters. The intelligent temperature controller used by the chiller generally does not need to adjust the control parameters. If necessary, please refer to the temperature control operation instructions.


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