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Insufficiency of tablet press equipment

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Insufficiency of tablet press equipment

Although the performance of domestic tablet press equipment has been greatly improved, there are still many shortcomings in practical application:

(1) the structure of the machine still needs to be improved, such as the tablet press maintenance needs to use lifting tools, manual lift the rotary table, disassembly time-consuming and laborious. And some foreign advanced tablet press, using the structure of the rotary table, up, down and track can be moved out with the rotary table, greatly shorten the time to change the mold, repair the machine;

(2) the gap in machine performance. For example, when pharmaceutical factory uses 28 stamping machine, in the case of pressing special-shaped sheet, because the pressure needs to be adjusted higher, the spindle strength is not enough, the situation of breaking. This kind of spindle is hollow shaft, the reason that causes the break, has the design defect, also has the processing problem;

(3) Equipment cleaning process needs to be improved. At present, the cleaning of tablet equipment is basically carried out manually. Due to various reasons, it is inevitable that the cleaning will not be complete and cross contamination will occur.

(4) Need to comprehensively improve the degree of automation;

(5) most of the material transfer still rely on manual, but it is difficult to achieve the real sense of automatic transport of materials. Artificial transport is easy to cause material pollution, waste, dust flying, labor intensity.


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