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Introduction and features of the packing machine

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Introduction and features of the packing machine

This machine is suitable for the medicines of aluminum-plastic plate, round bottle, bottle of the opposite sex, food, school supplies, health care products, toys, cosmetics, auto supplies, toothpaste, paper towels, office supplies, hardware, household paper, poker and similar items such as box packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, open cartons, boxes, printing batch number, seal boxes, etc.

Features of the packing machine:

1. The machine adopts PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, and the electrical components all adopt international famous brands.

2. Photoelectric monitoring of the action of each part, automatically remove unqualified items during operation, in case of any abnormality, it can automatically stop the machine and show the reason, so as to eliminate the fault in time.

3. Man-machine interface operating system is adopted, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

4. Can automatically eliminate the missing version or instruction of the packaging, if the missing version or instruction, the carton will not automatically cut.

5. The machine stops automatically when overloaded, extending the service life of the equipment, fault display, alarm and finished product count.

6. The machine can be used alone, or can be used in conjunction with blister packaging machine and its thermal sol device or other equipment to form a complete production line.


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