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Introduction of tablet press

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Introduction of tablet press

Pills of Traditional Chinese medicine is one or more kinds of traditional Chinese medicine powder or extract processing, refining, and then mixed, made into appropriate auxiliary materials. The advantages of chemical agents are that they are basically used as auxiliary materials for tablet computers. However, Traditional Chinese medicine itself is a functional accessory, such as cement mixture, diluent and medicine face. Therefore, material distribution table PC is the content of water, mold and volatile medicine, which is easy to absorb and the effect of storage time will be reduced.

After selecting high quality raw materials according to the formula, the raw materials are washed, sterilized, processed and dried. Dry and broken. The degree of fracture can be filtered with a 100-slot sieve.

The refinement of tablets is mostly the preparation of particles before pressing, which is determined by the physical properties of the material. Making particles improves fluidity and compressibility. The material increases fluidity, reduces the absorption of fine powder and air storage, reduces the gold content of the tablets, and avoids the dispersion of powder layer and fine powder.

According to the different raw materials, the main ingredients are different, such as starch manufacturing method, fine segmentation mixture manufacturing method, autocratic raw materials manufacturing method, refined manufacturing method, etc. Among them, complete extraction is often used.

The adhesives and wetting agents used for the lips need to minimize the soft material. In the case of fine dry ingredients, paste is used more often, and vice versa.

Wet particles dry quickly, moisture content control in the range of 3-5%.

There are two kinds of stamping, one is the stamping forging machine, the other is the blower. The output of the chronotype punch is generally 50 per minute, which is used for trial production of new products and small batch production. Pressure plate due to one side of the pressurization (the upper thrust pressurization) pressure distribution is uneven, blade noise. Rotary punch production capacity is strong, widely used in punch production.

The pressure should not be too low. Too high will affect the quality of the pill.


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