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Introduction to the operation of blister packing machine

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Introduction to the operation of blister packing machine

Operation of plate type blister packing machine

(1) Prepare medicines and packaging materials, replace the batch number template, install PVC and aluminum foil, check the cooling water, and clean the equipment carefully;

(2) Turn on the power supply and switch on the compressed air;

(3) Press the heating key, and respectively heat and heat sealing temperature control table to the appropriate temperature;

(4) Pull the PVC sheet through the channel to the punching knife, and pull the aluminum foil to the heat sealing plate;

(5) When the heating plate and the heat sealing plate rise to the appropriate temperature, adjust the cooling thermometer to the appropriate temperature;

(6) When the drugs are covered with the whole feeding track, press the green button of the motor, open the empty car to run. After blowing, heat sealing and punching meet the requirements, press the pill bucket vibration button and the planet cloth switch;

(7)Adjust the amount of material, so that the material meets the requirements of normal packaging:

(8)After the packaging, according to the following sequence of shutdown; Press the shutdown button of the tablet bucket → press the red button of the motor → stop the main engine → close the main power switch → close the intake valve → close the water inlet valve. Then it is to clean the machine and the site, and maintain the packing equipment.


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