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Liquid blister packaging machine

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Liquid blister packaging machine

Liquid filling machine Flat aluminum foam packing machine suitable for honey, jam, cheese, salad sauce, tomato sauce, chocolate sauce, perfume, essence, facial mask, condom, lotion, face cream and other aluminum foam packing. The machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in operation and simple in operation. It adopts internal heating to make PVC material heated evenly, and the blister is formed firmly. It is an advanced blister packaging machine in China.

Automatic traction of the machine air clip, through the photoelectric eye detection position, the signal is transmitted to the pneumatic valve, control the air clip automatic start stop, walk equal distance.

Automatic feeding and waste collection of the machine, through the photoelectric eye and servo motor, to achieve automatic feeding and DPP-170 and DPP-170 or more models of automatic waste collection.

Automatic production count, through the detection of automatic count displayed on the touch screen, so that staff count production.

Liquid feeding needs to choose different pumps such as pneumatic pump and peristaltic pump to feed according to customers' needs, in order to meet customers' different needs.

The machine contains an alarm indicator. If there is any malfunction of the machine, the machine will alarm automatically.

The operator should pay attention to the warning signs in all parts of the machine and pay attention to them during operation.


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