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Main mechanism of tablet press

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Main mechanism of tablet press

1. Structure of the turntable: the turntable is the main implementation of the machine. It is composed of upper and lower bearing assembly, spindle, turntable and other main parts. 5 (7,9) punch dies are evenly distributed on the circumference of the turntable, and the torque is transferred between the turntable and the spindle by the flat key. The spindle is supported on the bearing, driven by the worm gear pair and connected by splines. The spindle is rotated to make the turntable rotate.

2. Track mechanism: the track has the cylinder CAM and plane CAM composed of the upper track and the lower track, which is the track of the upper and lower stroke rod movement. The upper track is composed of up rushing up track, up rushing down track, up rushing up parallel track, up rushing down parallel track, down track and so on. They are fastened on the upper track disk respectively. The lower track is composed of upthrust downthrust track, downthrust upthrust track and filling track. They are mounted separately on the lower rail seat.

3. Filling adjustment device: Filling adjustment acts on the weight of the tablet. The filling regulating mechanism is installed inside the main body. On the plane of the main body, a moon-shaped filling rail can be observed. It rises or falls under the action of the spiral to make the filling amount.

4. Sheet thickness (pressure) adjusting device: adjust sheet thickness (pressure) by adjusting the lower pressure wheel up and down. The lower pressure wheel is arranged in the groove of the main body, which is sheeted on the eccentric shaft, and the outer end is connected to the hand wheel. When the external hand wheel is adjusted, the eccentric shaft drives the pressure wheel to rise or fall, that is, to adjust the thickness of the piece (pressure). To control the thickness and hardness of the tablet. The upper pressure wheel can also be used as a regulating device, but it is not adjusted under normal circumstances.

5. Feeding device: the device is composed of feeding hopper, adjusting screw, feeder, etc. The feeder is a moon-shaped grid feeder, which is installed on the turntable. The clearance of the working face between the feeder and the turntable and the height of the hopper are adjusted according to the fluidity of the particles.

6. Transmission device: The transmission part of the machine is composed of motor, synchronous belt pulley and worm gear reducer, test hand wheel, etc. The motor is installed on the base of the bottom plate. After the motor starts, the power is transferred to the gear gear pair through a pair of synchronous belts. The motor speed is adjusted by AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Open the sides or the back door to directly observe these parts of the contact belt.

7. Shell part: the shell of the machine is fully enclosed, in line with GMP requirements. The upper part has four primary Windows for siege, easy to clean and repair. The lower part of the stainless steel door closed, under normal circumstances is tightly closed, only in the maintenance and installation of the punching die to open the door. A working table is installed on the front of the machine. The pressing chamber and the transmission part of the machine are separated by a stainless steel enclosure to ensure that the pressing chamber is clean and the transmission parts are protected from powder pollution and corrosion.


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