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Maintenance of capsule filling machine

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Maintenance of capsule filling machine

Equipped with microcomputer programmable controller, different operation speed through touch screen panel, equipped with electronic automatic counting, can realize the positioning of the capsule, the automatic separation and locking of the capsule packing, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, meet the requirements of medical and health.

Within a short time at each station, it can automatically complete all kinds of operations, such as sowing, dividing, filling, waste bag removing, locking, releasing, mold cleaning, etc.

Suitable for all kinds of domestic or imported capsule filling. It is the most economical and practical drug capsule filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry.

The device is a vibration motor, and the screw fixation of each component should be checked frequently. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to avoid damage.

Plexiglass components should avoid high temperature direct sunlight, heavy objects should not be stacked. Cover plate should be vertical or flat to avoid deformation and damage.

The electrical housing and fuselage shall be connected to the ground to ensure safety, and the power shall be cut off after work.

At the end of each day, the machine and mold should be cleaned on the hole, keep the machine clean, avoid washing the main machine with water. If you need to clean the mold, loosen the fixing screw for easy installation.


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