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Maintenance of capsule filling machine

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Maintenance of capsule filling machine

Automatic hard capsule filling machine, fast filling speed, small size difference. The machine is compact and easy to use. If more than one capsule filling machine is used at the same time, it is suitable for mass production. Body and seat area decreases as the capsules align and close. It is beautiful and compact, conforms to the hygienic request, the operation is convenient, the maintenance is convenient, the energy consumption is low, the economical practical and so on merit. The capsule alignment speed is fast, the drug dosage is even, the product qualification rate is high; When changing different types of capsules, the filling mould of corresponding type can be changed. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized batch production of health products unit factories, hospitals and clinics.

Maintenance technology of hard capsule automatic filling device:

Observe the combination of two pneumatic wet mist filters and oil mist before going to work every day. Remove excess water and replenish oil level in time;

In the production process, to constantly observe whether the mechanical parts of the rotation and lifting normal, abnormal, whether the screw loose;

Check the grounding wire of filling machine frequently to ensure reliable contact; Clean the platform frequently; Check the air pipe for leaks and ruptures.

Reducer should be replaced every year, check whether the chain is too tight, and timely adjust the voltage.

In case of prolonged interruption of use, piping material should be emptied.

Do a good job of cleaning the filling machine, keep the surface of the filling machine clean, often remove the material stored in the weighing body, pay attention to keep the electronic control cabinet clean.

The sensor made by the manufacturer of automatic hard capsule filling device is suitable for high-precision, high-sealing and high-sensitivity devices.


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