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Material preparation of capsule filling machine

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Material preparation of capsule filling machine

If pure drugs are crushed to the appropriate particle size can meet the requirements of plastic filler, can be filled directly, but most drugs in poor mobility and other reasons, need to add certain diluents, lubricants and other accessories to meet the requirements of filling (or clinical medication). Generally, sucrose, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, modified starch, silica, magnesium stearate, talcum powder, HPC and other additives can be added to improve boring fluidity or avoid delamination. It can also be filled after adding auxiliary materials to make particles. Selection and sets, sealing glue of winnowing specification: should choose according to drug filling quantity of the specifications of the empty capsule, first of all, according to the provisions of the drug doses of volume to select the minimum empty capsules, can be determined according to the experience after the fitting, but the commonly used method is that the bulk density determination for filling materials, and then calculated according to the volume of the material should be loading dose, to determine the number of the persons to capsule. After the drug is filled into the capsule, the capsule cap can be fitted. Before the use of lock type gum Yi, sealing good, do not have to seal; When using non-locking capsules (flat mouth sleeve), sealing materials are commonly used with different concentrations of gelatin liquid, such as a mixture of 20% gelatin, 40% water and 40% ethanol, etc. In addition to the special provisions, the items filled in the hard rubber dung are generally required to be finely mixed powder or particles. Filling method In general small amount preparation, manual filling method can be used. In mass production, automatic fillers are used.

Small dose loss often occurs in the filling process of quantitative powder, which leads to the deficiency of capsule content. Therefore, in the processing process, more preparation should be made according to the actual needed dose, and then the surplus powder should be removed after filling in gum.

If the filler is an extract powder, it should be kept dry, add appropriate ingredients and mix well before filling.


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