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Material requirements for pharmaceutical blister packaging

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Material requirements for pharmaceutical blister packaging

The packaging of drugs must meet the requirements of dampproof, mildew proof, ice proof, heat proof and light proof. Metal aluminum non-toxic tasteless, has excellent shading, resistant to moisture, cut off gas and the security properties of odour, theoretically perfect foil can completely prevent gas, light, packaging can be the most effective protection by drugs, asked to use opaque packaging materials, almost all of the materials, aluminum foil are used as the barrier layer, therefore, the aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging is widely used, is usually a direct contact with the drug use the main packaging materials.

As far as the present situation is concerned, the quality of aluminum applied drugs in China still lags behind that of imported products, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the quantity of aluminum pinholes cannot meet the demand of drugs. The number of needles on the aluminum foil is a kind of penetration defect, which seriously affects the sealing of the aluminum foil. Especially when used on the packaging of drugs, oxygen, water vapor and light are easy to pass through, reducing the efficacy. Secondly, the thickness of medical aluminum foil is not uniform and the tensile strength is low. The change of thickness will affect the uniformity of coating, and then affect the heat resistance of aluminum foil and plastic rigid foil. In the process of printing, during the installation of the aluminum foil coil, due to the low tensile strength, the aluminum foil will break after voltage is applied, hindering the continuous operation of printing. Thirdly, the surface of aluminum foil is easy to produce oil stains. Because aluminum foil is calendered, oil is used to cool and shape the product during the stretch manufacturing process, so oil stains often appear on the finished product. This oily surface will affect the adhesion of aluminum foil printing ink and the protective effect of agent on aluminum, resulting in a series of quality problems such as lack of clarity, isolation agent protection, aluminum foil peel. In particular, the aluminum foil surface coated with gold or bright prints, because the surface of the aluminum foil oil color, text and pattern appearance of the aluminum adhesion decreased, resulting in the color of the text, seriously affect the quality of products.

Blister packaging involves placing drugs in a blister, or in rigid blister plastic formed by blow molding, and then printing and coating with a protective agent and heat-sealed aluminum foil to protect adhesion. Aluminum bubble wrap packaging, in addition to the necessary advantages of shading and barrier widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum bubble wrap packaging can complete the printing, protective agent, coating and the corresponding drying process, suitable for mass production process, so aluminum foil used in aluminum bubble wrap packaging foil is the main application of aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging.


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