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Material requirements of blister packing machine

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Material requirements of blister packing machine

The packaging of medicine must meet the requirements of moistureproof, mildew proof, frost proof, heat proof and light proof. Metal aluminum non-toxic tasteless, has excellent shading sex, moisture resistance, resistance capability and taste, perfect foil to completely cut off any gas and light, can be the most effective protection by packaging, almost all the requirements not pervious to light and high barrier material, adopt aluminum foil as the barrier layer, so the aluminum foil is widely used in medicine packing industry, It is often used as an inner packaging material in direct contact with the drug. At present, compared with imported products, there is still a gap in the quality of aluminum foil application in China, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

One is the number of pinholes in the medical aluminum box can not reach the use requirements. The number of pinholes in aluminum foil is a penetration defect, which seriously affects the barrier of aluminum foil, especially when applied to the outer package of drugs. It is easy to let oxygen, water vapor and light penetrate and reduce the efficacy of the drug.

Second, domestic medicinal aluminum foil thickness is not uniform, low tensile strength. The thickness is different, will affect the use of adhesive coating uniformity, and then affect the thermal bonding strength of aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet. The low tensile strength will lead to the breaking of the aluminum foil when the tension is applied in the process of unwinding and rewinding, so that continuous printing operations cannot be carried out.

Third, the surface of aluminum foil is easy to remain oil stains. Because the aluminum foil is cooled by oil in the process of rolling and drawing, there are often oil stains in the finished aluminum foil. This oil stain on the surface will affect the adhesion of the aluminum box printing ink and the protective agent to the aluminum foil material, causing a series of quality problems, such as unclear writing, protective agent and aluminum foil peeling, etc. Especially when the aluminum foil surface is coated with gold or printed with color patterns, because of the existence of oil stains on the aluminum foil surface, the words and patterns and aluminum foil almost have no adhesion, resulting in fading words, which seriously affects the quality of products.


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