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Mechanical separation of aluminum and plastic

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Mechanical separation of aluminum and plastic

The development of aluminum and plastic separation projects in foreign countries has been more than 10 years of history, the current process has been mature, such as in Brazil and Spain using plasma technology, through the electrolysis of inert gas (hydrogen) and the generation of high temperature, so that aluminum and plastic vaporization to obtain high purity aluminum ingot and paraffin wax. Under the action of plasma argon, aluminum-plastic screen slag after hydraulic pulping can produce high temperature of 15,000 ℃ to obtain liquid aluminum and gaseous paraffin, after condensation can form aluminum ingot and high purity paraffin shield. At present, the equipment can separate the aluminum cleanly. But introducing the equipment would cost about 4 million euros, a huge investment.

Tetra Pak uses water power to separate the three materials into pulp and aluminum. The paper pulp in Tetra Pak is separated by hydraulic pulper to produce recycled paper. The plastic and aluminum components in Tetra Pak bags are extruded into pellets, making them a good raw material for making plastic products. Hydraulic method can only make paper and aluminum plastic separation, and can not be successful, complete separation of aluminum foil and plastic in aluminum plastic. This separation method has good economic benefits. At present, an emerging waste composite paper packaging recycling industry chain is gradually forming from the south to the north, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have established professional recycling plants.

Xu Kaosen invented the separation and recovery method of abandoned aluminum plastic composite materials. The abandoned aluminum plastic composite materials were crushed into strips and blocks. After being sealed inside the pressure-resistant closed container, the pressure-resistant closed container was vacuumized. Heating, temperature heating to plastic material by heating to form a pyrolytic gasification of plastic material; The plastic material after pyrolysis and gasification is pumped directly into the plastic recycling equipment by using the vacuuming equipment again. All that's left in the container is aluminum. To this end, Xu Kaosen invented a separation device for waste aluminum plastic composite materials, which comprises a pressure-resistant closed container, and a heating device is arranged on the lower or inner wall of the pressure-resistant closed container.


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