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Method of preparation of tablets

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Method of preparation of tablets

Tablets are the most widely used dosage form at present. The production methods of tablets can be generally divided into dry preparation and wet preparation. At present, the wet preparation is the most widely used in China. However, because the dry preparation method is beneficial to the preparation of wet and heat unstable drug tablets, and has the advantages of shorting the process, reducing the amount of excipients and saving energy, especially with the development of new excipients and dry preparation equipment, the application of dry preparation method has been paid more and more attention and adopted by pharmaceutical enterprises.

Dry preparation includes dry granulation method and direct compression method. Dry granulation and tablet pressing method is to mix the drugs and auxiliary materials into large pieces with appropriate equipment, and then break them into appropriate size particles, or directly squeeze the raw materials into particles, and then add lubricants and other mixing can be tablet pressing; According to the different properties of main drugs, direct tablet pressing method can be divided into crystal drug direct tablet pressing method and powder direct tablet pressing method. The direct tablet pressing method of crystalline drugs refers to some crystalline drugs, such as sodium chloride, sodium bromide and other inorganic salts and organic substances such as vitamin C, which are in the form of cubic crystals and have good fluidity and good compression. After drying and screening, appropriate lubricants and other auxiliary materials can be added and evenly mixed for direct tablet pressing. And the powder direct pressing tablet refers to the drug powder and the appropriate auxiliary materials were screened and mixed, without pellet and directly pressed into tablets.


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