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Moisture resistance of blister packing

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Moisture resistance of blister packing

Aluminum-plastic blister board may now common drugs, generally on the side face of aluminum-plastic blister plate set several drugs for hosting the bubble shell holes, aluminum-plastic plate heat sealing joint through a hole in the blister, but this kind of packing model for easy to moisture absorption of the drug to seal tightly enough to easily make drug moisture absorption metamorphism, sealing material in the resistance movement or contact distance though close enough, also can make drug moisture absorption metamorphism. The Chinese patent waterproof plastic blister plate covers the third layer of the material on the aluminum plastic label, which has a waterproof layer to prevent moisture and also needs to protect the medicine; Packaging can protect water for general drugs, but the absorption, storage or transportation of special drugs can not achieve good results if the environment humidity is high, product quality can not be guaranteed for a long time, thus greatly shortening the storage period, causing waste. Cracking down on fake and inferior medicines not only protects consumers, but also protects the interests of producers. General measures in the outer packing or blister plate surface, there is still a risk of counterfeiting.

The purpose of this technology is to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, provide effective moisture-proof, anti-counterfeiting aluminum-plastic bubble cover materials, as well as moisture-proof and anti-counterfeiting bubble cover aluminum plate. Is safe and effective moisture may blister board, panel, including blow molding panel has bubble holes on side set on drug packaging and at least one layer of moisture to prevent, prevent moisture layer surrounding the closer bonding plastic, blister plate material around the outside of the material between holes, blister and blister plate moistureproof layer between the gap filling inert gas or desiccant, also describes the security label position. The noble gas in question here is nitrogen. The dryer is a silicon gel. Silicone comes in a bag. The moistureproof layer is a kind of aluminum-plastic moistureproof film.


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