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Mold change and synchronous conditioning of flat blister packing machine

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Mold change and synchronous conditioning of flat blister packing machine

(1) Replacement of molds: When the packaging form changes, that is, the quantity, size, variety and specification of packaging plate change, the molds and corresponding parts need to be replaced. The general steps for changing the mold and the corresponding parts are as follows: turn off the heating switch, cut off the water and air supply, and turn all the switch knobs to the "0" position; Remove the molding mold and covering film, and use the point button to make each station open to the maximum value; Remove the parts that need to be replaced, and replace them when the device is cooled to room temperature. After the replacement, make synchronous adjustment. After that, press the button to make the machine run for a short time, check the reciprocating movement, and require smooth operation and no impact.

(2) the replacement of parts and components: (1) when the type and quantity of the packaging change, and the size of the packaging plate does not change, only replace the molding mold and feeding device; ② When the size of the packaging plate changes, it should be completely replaced, that is, the forming mold, the guide platform, the heat sealing plate, the punching device and so on need to be replaced.

(3) synchronous adjustment: synchronous adjustment is to make the working position of each station accurate, to ensure that the bubble cap does not interfere with the corresponding mechanism. It is mainly to adjust the relative positions of the four stations of molding device, heat sealing device, printing and indentation device and blanking device, that is, to adjust the integer positions of the bubble cap section on the diaphragm after molding, so as to ensure the accuracy of the plate size and the position of the bubble cap relative to the plate. Generally, the heat sealing device is fixed on the frame body, and the position of the other three devices is adjusted to meet the synchronous requirements on this basis.


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